Parks and Playgrounds in Portland

Families looking for parks and playgrounds in Portland are sure to find an abundance of fun in the Portland area. Portland is full of fun and natural beauty and the citizens and visitors take full advantage of their surroundings. While many visitors flock to the Oregon Trail Museum and Powell’s Books for fun, others enjoy being outside. Take a look at these outdoor options when in Portland, Oregon.

Tom McCall Park

Even when the weather is not so great, many people can be found congregating in Tom McCall Park in downtown Portland. This riverfront park is a fun haven for families, bikers, roller bladders and joggers. The peaceful park also hosts many of the city’s large events. The Blues Festival, the Oregon Brewers Festival and many Rose Festival events are annually held in Tom McCall Park. The name of the park came from Governor McCall after he decided to demolish Harbor Drive and build the park in the 1970s.

Forest Park In Portland

Forest Park in Portland is one of the largest parks in the world. It’s the ideal place for families to come for hiking and enjoying the great outdoors of the city. With over 5,000 acres of land, it’s a place where people can come to feel free from the city’s stressful ways. It is certainly the largest of the parks and playgrounds in Portland. Forest Park proudly holds thirty miles of biking trails and fifty miles of walking trails. Many people call it the country’s biggest playground!

Oregon Zoo

While it’s not technically a human park, the Oregon Zoo is certainly an animal park! Pharmacist Richard Knight began the zoo many years ago and it now occupies 64 acres in Washington Park. With over 1,000 animals there, the zoo is clearly a hot spot for locals and visitors to Portland. Each animal habitat in the zoo is like the animal’s natural environment and several endangered species are housed there. The zoo contains areas which mimic Africa, Alaska, the Amazon Forest and the Savannah. Bats, insects, mountain goats, elk, penguins, big cats and Asian elephants are also featured.

Thus, those families on a mission to find the best parks and playgrounds in Portland could spend weeks visiting each one. The parks in the city offer entertainment, adventure, discovery, fitness opportunities and more. While some activities to do require a fee (such as the zoo) to participate, most of the parks and playgrounds in Portland are completely free to all visitors.