Entertainment and Amusement In Portland For Kids

Portland is a city full of entertainment and amusement for kids and adults alike. Before visiting the city, you can take a look at what the city has to offer and make your plans accordingly. The city is full of beautiful surroundings and popular attractions, making it a fun place for families to visit all year long.

Portland’s Oregon Trail Museum

The Oregon Trail was the primary method of travel for pioneers in the late 1800’s. It was and still remains one of the most popular landmarks in the state of Oregon today. President James K. Polk is accredited with beginning this historic place, giving the city hundreds of years of history to share.

Throughout the Oregon Trail Museum, children can enjoy presentations giving each day by live history interpreters. These actors are dressed in clothing similar to what people would have worn in the 1800’s. While at the museum, each child is welcome to take part in “Bound for Oregon”. This activity is great for all ages and used media devices to help the kids learn more about the Oregon Trail.

Portland’s Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is all about fun and learning! It was founded in 1944 and contains over 200,000 square feet of entertainment and amusement in Portland. This educationally fun site offers hundreds of interactive exhibits. It is one of the most popular interactive museums in the world. With its location being on the Willamette River, it’s also a beautiful place to enjoy the view.

Portland’s Forest Park

For families who love the great outdoors and hiking, Portland’s Forest Park is one of the best places to spend time in Portland, Oregon. This park offers over 5,000 acres of land, available for exploration and discovery. As the largest park in the United States, it has enough room for kids to literally run wild! Forest Park has fifty miles of walking trail, thirty miles of biking trail and is often called the largest playground in the United States.

Powell’s City of Books In Portland

For children and families who love to read together, Powell’s City of Books will look like a dream come true. This famous bookstore takes up a full city block and has over one million books inside. It’s an incredible place to browse for hours, soaking in the beauty of literature.

Entertainment and amusement in Portland for kids is not difficult to find. The city offers a wide variety of fun and educational activities for children of all ages and their parents too!