Alex helps his Mom

About a month ago, I broke my ankle bailing off my horse. In one moment, I went from being my normal independent self to needing a lot of help. The break was not severe, but it necessitated walking on crutches, and I got worn out quickly whenever I had to walk anywhere. With crutches in my hands and poor balance since I was keeping my weight off my bad foot, I could not carry Alex or much else for that matter.

At first, it was pretty hard for Alex to understand. He would wake up in the morning and after his naps and want me to carry him. He was always asking for this and that and it frustrated him when I took a while to get things. Gradually he adapted though and started being more independent. When he woke up, he would walk out to the living room and join me. If he wanted to cuddle with me or go back to sleep, he climbed on my lap while I was sitting. He asked me for less help with things and started doing more on his own.

Alex also helped me more and more as the days went by. When I dropped my crutches, he picked them up and handed them to me. When I fed the dogs, he carried them their bowls full of food.

It was pretty challenging taking care of Alex and myself when I was injured. Mealtime was always the worst. We mostly ate leftovers. Alex helped me by carrying food to the table sometimes. Of course, Alex’s help was not perfect. There were times when he refused to carry things or get me things, and I had to find a way to make things happen myself. I did a fair amount of hopping on one foot to free up one hand as a result.

Luckily I have a wonderful husband who also really stepped up while I was injured and did more than his share whenever he was home. I also had a lot of help from other people. Alex would get pretty pent up during the day since I did not move around much, but his grandparents came over and played with him pretty often, and he got to play with his cousins several times too.

My foot is getting better every day. I can walk (or hobble at least) without crutches now as long as I wear my leg brace. I can pick Alex up a little now too. Last weekend Alex and I went out and visited with my horse (we did not ride) for the first time since my accident. I’m not likely to be bouncing around at Inflatable Kingdom again anytime soon, but Alex might be independent enough to jump on his own next time we go to an Open Play.

It is amazing how fast kids grow up. Alex matured so much because of my injury. While I would have preferred not to get hurt in the first place, I am very proud of my son for taking care of his mom. He’s a good kid.