Super Kids Resale 2012

April 14, 2012

Between Alex and me, we keep coming up with more things that we would like to have. We can not afford to buy everything we want nor do we have the space, but that does not stop accumulating stuff. Resale events therefore are wonderful for two reasons. They give you a place to find new (to you) stuff at reasonable prices, and they give you a place to sell the stuff that is cluttering your garage. Alas, I am not quite ready to part with the contents of my garage yet as I think Alex may have a sibling in the next few years who will need it, but we are certainly game for going shopping!

We visited Super Kids Resale last Saturday with the hope of finding some of the items on our want list. I have gone to this sale before in 2010 and 2011 as it is conveniently located close to my house and plus it is free to get in and has free parking.

The parking lot right at the sale was pretty full when we got there, and my husband waited for someone to pull out of a parking spot while Alex and I headed into the event. There was also additional parking in front of the building if you did not mind walking a bit.

The first thing Alex and I looked at was the bikes and ride ons. We fell in love with a Bob the Builder tractor ride on that was $65. I nearly bought it for Alex, but it needed a new battery so I decided I needed to do more research (and after further research decided much to Alex and my disappointment to pass).

I picked a pair of sandals up for Alex since his shoes from last year are too small now. There were lots of clothes items at very reasonable prices. I don’t need to buy much clothes for Alex so far since he has relatives who have given us plenty of things for him to wear, but I am sure there will come a time when he gets older when we will have to actually shop for clothes. We also got Alex a stuffed “Super Grover.” There were many items available at the sale and we really looked things over pretty quickly since there is not a lot we need.

Along with the items for sale, there were also various entertainers and vendors at the event. Dragon Theater Puppets had a couple princesses there to meet kids and advertise their services, a balloon artist was making balloon animals, and there was a vendor selling caramel corn.

The Portland Super Kids Resale ended April 15, however, there is another event in Vancouver May 4-6 at Mill Plain and 118th. There are also other family resale events in the Portland area throughout the year.