Skee-Ball Tips, Tricks, and Info for Skee Ball Enthusiasts

Skee-ball addicts now have cause to rejoice! Not only do traditional skee-ball games come in different varieties, the game is even offered in online and mobile formats for gaming at home or on the go. Most people who have played skee-ball even once will admit to an addictive quality about the game.

Just one more ball might find that sweet spot that scores the most points! Unlike other skill games, skee ball requires an unusual combination of dexterity, strength, finesse, and sheer luck.

Online Skee Ball

Online skee-ball is one of the most popular traditional games on the Net. Try out the free version at ( for a little break time entertainment! The online version is not as satisfying as the real life game, but it fills the skee ball hunger when you can’t make it to the arcade.

Skee Ball Varieties

Skee ball has become so popular, that it now comes in different varieties to keep the game interesting. You can shoot your skee balls into miniature basketball hoops, or knock over duckies to score points. Other versions may use the classic milk bottles or even bad guys with loaded weapons!

Skee Ball Secrets

Skee-ball players appear to throw better shots when they are short in stature, making it a favorite game for kids. Adults playing the game can often be seen in an arcade, standing on their knees to gain a better perspective.

If you’ve never tried shooting on your knees, give it a try the next time you play and see what a difference it makes in your game.

Thanks to Keith (!CE0B674ED50D90F9!1661.entry), scoring big at skee ball is no longer an ancient secret.

(WARNING! If you play skee bal purely for the enjoyment of the game instead of the points, you may not want to read this next part unless you can show great restraint and not try out these strategies!)

According to Keith, the secret to scoring big points at skee ball is not to roll the ball down the center of the alley, but to bank the ball off the side, similar to a game of billiards. He claims that every alley has its own sweet spot that puts the ball in the money hole with just the right amount of speed. Using this method, you could be landing every ball in the 400-point hole! (You may be wondering if this works for the online version, and it does!)

Keith also recommends sliding the ball down the alley similar to an air hockey puck instead of winging it like a bowling ball. This most likely produces a quicker rolling ball with better aim. It takes a few tries to get the feel for it, but this tip holds true.

Skee-ball is a fun, addictive game for players of ages. Locate your nearest skee ball arcade or check out an online game for a little skee ball satisfaction. Try out a few of these tips and tricks on your game and be sure to share any skee ball secrets you have as well!