Miniature Golf in Long Beach

March 17, 2012

Alex loves balls and as a result he has all sorts. Among his collection is a small golf bag with clubs, balls, and accessories that we picked up at Ross. It is pretty cute seeing him carry it around and play with it. I am looking forward to setting the golf set up for him outside when the weather gets warmer and the grass has been mowed.

We went to the Long Beach over the weekend and on Saturday while we were looking around for activities, we spied the Putt Putt Golf miniature golf course. Thinking of Alex’s little golf set at home, we decided that it would be a great activity for our little man, so we went and got some balls to play miniature golf.

We picked up balls for my husband Brian, Alex, and me. The cashier let Alex play free since he is such a little guy, so it was just $8 to play. Alex’s grandparents came with us to watch, but they just took pictures and helped Alex.

We let Alex go first. He pretty much knew what to do, though we did have to help him a bit. It was far too tempting to start on the side with the hole then on the opposite side and their were some obstacles where the ball stopped underneath so we had to shove a club through to push the ball out. Miniature golf is a fun game for kids and adults and the neat obstacles on this course included a chipmunk statue and a tricky loop. I managed to get a hole in one on one of the holes, but it was pure luck as I really was not very good at the game. But it was fun.

The last hole you had to send the ball up a ramp. By this time, Brian and I were ahead of Alex and his grandparents were helping him play. Brian went first and it took him many tries. When the ball finally went up the ramp it dropped into a locked box ending the game. I waited to go until after Alex since I was concerned he would be unhappy when he lost his ball (though I did actually take a few swings that missed before I decided to hold off). Alex tried hitting the ball up, tried pushing the ball up with his club, then finally picked it up in his hand and tossed it in. After the ball went in, he was looking for it because he wanted it back. Luckily I still had my ball, so he got to try again. He tried to hit mine in and eventually tossed it in as well. The game was over then and not a moment to soon as Alex was hungry and ready for lunch.

If you have not been to Long Beach before, it is just a 20 minute drive from Astoria and it is a lovely beach community to play at with the family. Along with the miniature golf, Long Beach has arcades, go-karts, a kite museum, horse back rides, and many other family friendly activities.