I like the Scary Dinosaur

I got an invitation to go see Dracula Revamped in my email today. Dracula Revamped is a puppet show presented by Dragon Theater Puppets which features all sorts of monsters including King Kong, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man. The play frankly sounds a bit morbid and scary. It is aimed at kids age 6 and over, but I am sure Alex would love it. If I am free, I think I might just have to take him.

Alex is 32 months old now, and I am amazed at how much he seems to grow and mature every day. It does not feel like I have a baby in the house anymore, but rather another person lives here now, with thoughts and opinions that he is not afraid to voice. He constantly surprises me with the things he says and does.

Not long ago my husband, Brian, was babysitting Alex’s older cousin and they were watching Journey to the Center of the Earth. Brian told the kids to let him know if the movie got to scary. They made it through most of the movie, but the Tyrannosaurus was just to scary for Alex’s cousin, so Brian turned it off and put on Thomas the Train instead.

Later that week, we watched the rest of the movie with Alex and Alex said, “the dinosaur is scary, I like the scary dinosaur!” Alex likes lots of scary things on movies. He loves to watch Captain America and when you ask him if Red Skull is scary, his response is that yes, Red Skull is scary and he likes Red Skull. He loves seeing fight scenes in movies and fighting along with his foam swords. He clashes his foam sword with whoever will fight him, does somersaults and other acrobatics. Brian commented not too long ago that Alex was born centuries too late as he would have made a natural knight.

When I was working at the theater, I had a dad take his kid out of the movie early one day because it was too scary. It made me think about Alex and how little in movies really scares him. Part of it is his personality and part of it is exposure. Alex has seen a lot of movies. When Alex was really small, he use to go see pretty much every movie with me at the Portlander because he was too small to really care. When we played the alien movie District 9, however, the movie seemed to bother him, so after that point we were a little more careful about what movies we took him to see.

Alex isn’t easily scared by movies, but there are plenty of real things that he finds scary. He is scared of people he does not know, hospitals, and the “Trah”. The Trah is actually a toy donkey (from Shreck) and it says “Shreck” and “Are we there yet?” in Eddie Murphy’s voice. Alas, it was not turned off before it was thrown in the toy box, and now resides somewhere on the bottom. Every once in a while, it starts talking and Alex runs away yelling “It’s the Trah!” I’m not sure where Alex came up with that name. No matter how many times I tell him it is just a little toy donkey, it still scares him. I keep hoping it will run out of batteries, but it hasn’t yet. One of these days I’ll go through the toy box and find it, pull it out, and turn it off. It’s a big scary world, but at least that will be one less thing for Alex to be scared of.