Go-Karting by the Beach

March 19, 2012

When we purchased our balls to play miniature golf on Saturday, the cashier recommended we take Alex to ride on a go-kart. It seemed like a good idea, after all Long Beach Go-Karts was located right down the street from our hotel.

Alex was very excited about the prospect of driving a go-kart. Alas kids had to be at least six years old to drive, so his dad, Brian, had to drive the go-kart for them. That’s probably for the best, but I do wish I could find a place that has the cars for little kids like they sell at Toy’s R Us. They look like so much fun!

Brian got a ticket for Alex for $7 then we went to the little go-kart ring for kids under age 12. Alex and his dad climbed in, and I stood along the fence with Alex’s grandparents trying to take pictures.

It was a bit challenging to take photos as Brian was sitting on the outside of the go-kart, plus they were moving pretty fast. They got to drive for 7 minutes, which we all thought was pretty good. Unfortunately Alex was pretty drowsy, so by the time they were done he was nearly asleep. In fact there were times when I thought he was asleep going around the track. Guess it was a very good thing he was not driving!

Alex asked to ride the go-karts again as we were leaving, but he really needed that nap. We’ll go again some time, hopefully when he isn’t half asleep.

Long Beach is located about 2 ½ hours from Portland, 20 minutes northwest of Astoria. The community offers miniature golf, arcades, a kite museum, horse back rides, and many other family friendly activities.