Applebees with the Portland Balloon Guy

Last night I went out to Applebees with Alex, Brian, and Alex’s grandparents Wayne and Kathy for a belated Mother’s Day celebration. We decided on Applebees because I had a coupon for any burger for $5. Considering their burgers usually sell for twice that, it seemed like too good a coupon to miss out on.

What I did not know was that Tuesday is kid day at Applebees, which means that Alex’s meal was only 99 cents. With all the discounts, our entire bill including the tip was comparable to what we would have spent at a fast food restaurant, and the food was delicious.

As if all that wasn’t good enough, the Applebees we went to (on Halsey Street) also had a balloon artist doing the rounds. Jeremy Briggs (also known as Jeremy Balloony or the Portland Balloon Guy) stopped by our table, and Alex turned the other way and ignored him. It’s nothing personal and had nothing to do with the man’s hot dog shirt. Alex is just scared of strangers.

Since Alex wasn’t talking, I asked for a sword for Alex. The balloon guy made us three, so we would be able to sword fight, and Alex would have another one in case one of the balloons broke.

Alex was thrilled with his sword. He had been eating his macaroni, but once he got a balloon sword, he just wanted to play. Thankfully he’d eaten pretty well before the balloon guy stopped by, so he certainly did not go hungry.

The balloon guy made all sorts of fabulous creations for the other kids in the restaurant as well. Swords were popular, and he also made some crazy balloon hats, cute animals, and other odds and ends. He booked a couple parties in the short time we were at the restaurant, and I could not help think how much fun it would be to have a balloon artist at a birthday party at Inflatable Kingdom.

When we got home, Alex played with the swords with his grandparents, and he was having a great time until his balloon sword broke. That is the problem with balloons. Luckily there were two more swords for him to play with, but it took a while to talk him into playing with a different one. He wanted his red sword and the yellow and blue ones just were not the same. Brian told him that we would just have to go back another time and get another sword, and I think we will. The Portland Balloon Guy is at Applebees every Tuesday after all.