When Mom Gets Hurt

Lesson learned for the weekend: Jumping on inflatables at Inflatable Kingdom is fun. Jumping off a running horse is not so fun (at least the landing part anyway). Alas I am not sixteen anymore and a fall that I probably would have bounced back from with a few bruises at a younger age causes much more damage now. Oh, I still got the bruises mind you, but I also broke my ankle.

I spent most of Mother’s Day in bed, though I did get up and wander around a bit. I have crutches and a boot for my leg, so I can move around, but it is tiring and I need to ice my feet frequently. As a result, my husband, Brian, and my son, Alex are not getting the time or attention that they would ordinarily get from me. I am having to ask for help a lot more, and I can’t carry Alex no matter how much he wines. Perhaps that will be good for Alex since he likes to have me carry him a fair amount.

Brian went to work this morning, so while he helped a lot before he left, once he left, Alex and I were on our own. Initially things went pretty smoothly. I put Thomas on the TV and settled in front of the computer. Alex kept wanting snacks, which I got for him begrudgingly, then he wanted to go on the porch. I let him on the porch, but failed to lock the outside door and he made his way outside. Luckily he called me outside to join him, so I discovered my error pretty quickly and no one got hurt. I sat on the front step while he ran around a bit with the dogs. He kept asking me to join him, but I said I could not run. I am not sure he believed me.

When it was lunch time, I needed help. I could not very well carry food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining room while walking on crutches. Alex got his macaroni out of the fridge and carried it from the kitchen. He also carried my water (though he spilled a little on the table). Unfortunately no mater how I begged, he refused to carry in my lunch, since he thought it was gross. It is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it, so somehow I carried it into the dining room myself, crutches and all.

After lunch, Alex helped me put away dishes and we had desert. He can help me with a lot, if he chooses too. The challenge is getting him to understand what I want, and having him decide he wants to do whatever it is I want. Sometimes he’ll do it, other times he won’t, and no amount of yelling or begging will change him mind.

Napping is one thing that is coming easier since I got hurt. I have to ice my foot every so often, so it makes the perfect opportunity to lay down with Alex. The last two days I went to sleep with him after I iced my leg. Today I got up after he was asleep, but things went very smoothly.

I am not sure how long I will be on crutches, but I expect the one good thing that will come out of getting hurt is that Alex is learning to help out more since I can’t do everything for him. Perhaps this is a good lesson for me about how much he really is capable of doing (though I certainly don’t suggest getting hurt to teach your kids to be helpful around the house).

Looks like I won’t be doing any more jumping at Inflatable Kingdom or off a horse any time too soon, but I hope that I will have a chance to bring Alex somewhere to play soon. I am sure he is getting pent up as, because of my injury, we spent most the weekend at home. Perhaps we can make it to an Open Play session some time.