Mom Can’t Always Be There

May 7, 2012

This last weekend was a very busy weekend for all of us. I spent the majority of the weekend at work at the movie theater since the theater got the new blockbuster, the Avengers. As a result, I missed doing a lot of fun things with Alex. He had a busy weekend too.

Friday afternoon Alex went over to his grandparents house. I was going to work that afternoon. They were going to Alex’s cousin Carter’s t-ball game. Alex was asleep when his grandparents brought him home that night. They told us that Alex enjoyed watching the game, but he really wanted to play himself. After the game they all went to Carter’s house and Alex had so much fun playing he did not want to leave. The next morning I grilled Alex for details and he was still pretty excited. We are all looking forward to when Alex is old enough to be in t-ball.

Saturday Alex’s cousin Zelia was coming over, so we spent much of the morning cleaning up. I inflated his inflatable bouncer (that he got for Christmas) in the basement so the kids could play with it. Alex’s grandparents came over to work on putting together his new outdoor swing set. It is mostly put together now, though there is still a bit more work. The kids can climb, slide, and swing on it at least. Once again, I went to work in the afternoon, so Brian told me about the kids play time together when I got home. They had a lot of fun playing on swing set, playing with toys, reading books, and watching shows.

Sunday morning Alex and I went out to the barn and played with my horse Satin. We had lunch at home and then it was time for me to go to work once again. Alex was going to a birthday party for his cousins Ian and Carter (whose game he went to Friday). Alex fell asleep in the car, but when he woke up, he had a great time playing with the other kids and breaking open the piñata. After they did all the stuff around the house, they went to a bounce place, like Inflatable Kingdom. Alex’s grandparents took over so Brian could get home, relax, and take care of the pets. Alex had a lot of fun bouncing and sliding, except at one time he got separated from the rest of the group on the top of a slide and since he was surrounded by strangers, he panicked. His grandmother was at the bottom of the slide, and she talked him down. He really has a hard time with crowds and strangers. I can’t blame him though as I am pretty uncomfortable with both as well. After playing with the inflatables, Alex and his grandparents stopped at McDonalds, and he had fries and a drink since he had snubbed most of the food at the party. By the time I got home, Alex was sound asleep.

So Alex had a great, busy weekend. As much as I appreciate having a little time off from being a mom, it makes me sad to miss doing all these fun things with him. I can’t always be there, but I’ll be there as often as I can.