Celebrating Again

Alex has one set of grandparents in Portland and the other set in Reno. Since we live in Portland, we spend most of our holidays here. However, there are some holidays that both sets of grandparents want to be included in, and we do our best to accommodate. As a result, sometimes we have multiple celebrations, one in Portland and one in Reno. Usually one celebration falls on the actual holiday, and the other party is whenever it is convenient. I’m pretty sure Alex doesn’t mind since it means he gets to have two parties for Christmas, his birthday, and any other holidays we see fit to celebrate with both sets of grandparents.

We don’t normally celebrate Easter twice, but Alex and I spend this Easter in Reno. We did not want his dad to miss out on the fun or his Portland grandparents easier, so last Sunday we had another Easter party up here with breakfast, an egg hunt, and an Easter basket full of candy and other goodies. Alex loved getting to search for eggs again. He has gotten much better at it this year!

For Alex’s first birthday, we had a wonderful party at Inflatable Kingdom and both sets of his grandparents were able to attend. It was wonderful having all the grandparents in the same place. However, there were still many people who could not attend including his great grandmother, his aunts and uncles, and his cousin, so we had a second party in Reno at his great grandmother’s house.

When I was growing up I had a set of grandparents in Reno and a set in Davis. Every year we would spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning in Reno at the Reno grandparents’ house. Either later Christmas day or later in the week we would head to Davis and celebrate all over again with our Davis grandparents. It would have been easier if everyone lived in the same place, but having two Christmases means I now have twice as many wonderful memories of the holiday.

In a perfect world, the whole family would live close together and be able to get together for every holiday and occasion, but having our holiday parties more than once is the next best thing. If you don’t hung up on limiting celebrations to a certain date for a particular holiday and when you are with the people who you missed on the actual holiday, you can feel free to celebrate again.